What Are the Advantages of a Self-Service Portal?

In this guide, we’ll explore how an employee self-service portal can be a tremendous asset for your business, streamlining open enrollment, benefits administration, onboarding, time & attendance, and other key facets of HR and HCM.

We'll discuss;

  • Capabilities & Benefits of an ESS
  • How it benefits Onboarding & Training
  • Supporting Benefits Enrollment
  • Securing Company and Employee Data
  • and More!

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5 Benefits of Implementing a Time and Attendance System

Securing Company and Employee Data + Compliance Peace of Mind

The primary benefit of an Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal is the consolidation and organization of employee information in a single, secure platform that reduces errors and allows for easy resolution of discrepancies. This data can be used to improve scheduling protocols, recognize individual or departmental achievements, and boost employee morale.


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